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The Journal of Economic Sciences: Theory and Practice (JESTP)

The Journal of Economic Sciences: Theory and Practice (JESTP) has been published by Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) since 1994. When the journal started, its editor was the correspondent member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dr. T.J.Veliyev. Currently, the journal is led by the rector of UNEC Prof. Dr. A.J.Muradov. From its thematic point of view, JESTP is  a theoretical, scientific and practical journal which is a unique journal being published at national and international levels. Recently, systematic changes are conducted to meet international requirements.

Scholarly articles with theoretical and practical importance associated with a diverse range of economics which scientifically reflect the reality of the modern days are published in the journal. Scientific articles by the outstanding Professors of UNEC, including A.J.Muradov, Sh. H. Hajiyev, T. Guliyev, A. Bayramov, R. Hasanov, T. Huseynov, G. Manafov, S. Sabzaliyev, M. Ahmadov, A. Babayev and many others have been published in the journal. Furthermore, scientific papers by the young researchers are also published in the journal. Certain milestones have been achieved in terms of introducing the journal to the international area. The journal received the international index (ISSN 2220- 8739).  JESTP has been published in English since 2012.