Volume 74, #1

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About article

Sana Imran


This paper is aimed to examine how countries accrue global recognition through apt utilization of nation branding techniques. Strategic, conceptual and practically relevant aspects will be analyzed here in a purely academic and research based construct to establish linkage between Nation Branding and National Identity. Embedding of national identity in the brand marketing campaigns enhances consumers’ understanding, both as national citizens and global subjects. Nation branding initiatives undertaken in a well thought out manner increase the obligation of citizens towards political self-determination and ideals of public communication. Employment of soft power tools in concert with lived experiences of consumers helps in projecting brands besides heightening the national identity. Smart media campaigns of branded products shape those brands into successful marketing propositions. While the use of brands in influencing the national image has become a marketing norm, products of multi-national origins still remain in great demand. An interpretive-narrative approach has been adopted to examine Azerbaijan’s growing quest for global recognition and the efforts which this developing country is making in the sphere of nation branding. With occasional reference to the international brands of developed countries, focus will remain on endeavors of Azerbaijan to market its name and build own national brands.

Key words: Nation Branding, National Identity, Nationalism, Global Recognition, Brand Azerbaijan.

JEL Classification: M31