Volume 75, #2

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About article
Using of New Information Technology in the Creating of Promotion Products

Safwan Al Salaimeh, Eman Al Alreyati


Advertising is the engine of commerce. This term has been known for a long time. Especially it is relevant in our days, when every day in the world there are millions of firms and enterprise fight for consumers of their goods. Present a product, make it more attractive to the consumer, persuade to choose it from thousands of similar – here is the main function of advertising.

But creating of high quality and effective advertising is connected with a number of difficulties. Among the major – advertising should influence the reception of the person surrounding reality, manage his behavior. Anyway, when creating advertising, it is necessary to process and analyze large volumes of sociological information to simplify these processes, it is advisable to use new information approaches. In this paper was solved the Problem controlling the behavior of groups of people and individual with the management are engaged in such a scientific direction behest, orientation towards the development of formal mathematical models and method of managing people’s behavior.

Naturally the result of the program there will be no equivalence of research, conducted by the team of markets, sociologists, but they will be acceptable, while the cost and time of research will be in several of orders below.

Keywords: Advertising, Enterprise, Analyze, Method, Mechanism of Controlling.
JEL Classification: M32, O32, O31