Volume 70, #1

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About article
The issues related to formation of competitive structure of industry in azrbaijan

Gulbaniz Tofig gizi Aliyeva Ph.D.,.Associate professor, Azerbaijan State University of Economics

Abstract. The article was dedicated to acceleration of structural changes in industry of Azerbaijan, its optimization and formation of competitive structure. The article analyzed the structural changes in Azerbaijani industry during 1990-2012 and investigated the trends of these changes during the recent period. The purpose of the research is identification of ways for improvement of structure the Azerbaijani industry through studying its current condition and preparation of advises in respect of its optimization based on theoretical and practical experience. In research we have identified the inherent features of Azerbaijani industry and factors affecting it. The research was conducted based on abstraction and systematic analysis, statistical and logical summary. As a result, we came to conclusion that in order to accelerate the optimization of industrial structure in Azerbaijan the acceleration of re-structuring and privatization is required. The practical importance of the research: the utilization of practical advises provided in the research could contribute to the improvement of competitiveness of local industry, its restoration and government’s role in its future development.

Key words: industry, optimization, investment, competitiveness, technology.
JEL Classification Codes: L 16