Volume 75, #1

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About article
Software Design for Integrated Computerized Management Systems

Adalat Muradov, Nazim Hajiyev, Safwan Al Salaimeh, Salim Istyaq


Design software consists of design features of the software and design algorithmic support. In the algorithmic software includes algorithms for solving functional problems in integrated computerized management system ICMS. Design of software ICMS generally passes through a series of stages for most among which is:

1. Analysis of the object by mathematical methods and its assignment to a particular class;
2. Analysis of control problems and determining the type of task;
3. The mathematical formation of the problem (formulation of a mathematical model of the problems, election decision criteria and etc.);
4. Choice of the mathematical method of solving the problem;
5. Develop an algorithm for solving the problem;
6. Evaluation of the quality of the algorithm.

In this paper was developed models and methods which used in ICMS to solve economic problems, realizing the function of computerized enterprise management system.

Keywords: Mathematical model, Computerized system, Production process, Algorithm, System structure.

JEL Classification: C6, C8