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About article
The Chinese Position on the Syrian Crisis 2011-2018

Saddoun N. Al-Majali, Raafat Abdel salam Tarawneh


The Syrian crisis has also created international blocks, which contributed to uncovering the rift within the international system, the emergence of differences that were covered by the international community, and international legitimacy, which began to collapse in front of the interests of the countries that lead the world order and to achieve their interests, Strength and possibilities in the light of its distance from the concept of international law, which has become a traditional thing in the eyes of those States.

Using the analytical descriptive approach, the study showed the fundamentals, objectives and strategies of the Chinese economic and political position on the Syrian crisis in the context of a new world order with different dimensions and the basic dimensions of the Chinese position in terms of determinations, 2011-2018), in addition to the use of the historical approach to monitor the Sino-Syrian relations and positions of the events of the Syrian crisis.

The study showed that the Syrian crisis raised questions about the international system and the extent of the transformation of the structure of the international system from unipolar to a multipolar system, as it emerged in the role played by China in the Syrian crisis through its international interaction using the veto against decisions that The United States to take it against the Syrian regime throughout the crisis and so far, which confirms that China has become an active force in the international system, and that China in its diplomacy and approach to international affairs and the Middle East go based on two desires:

- Its share of energy.
- Increasing economic relations in the region.

Keywords: Crisis, International system, Middle East, Interaction, Economic relations, Historical approach, International law.

JEL codes: F02, F51